Monday Mornings

So I stayed home from school today because I wasn’t feeling well again. I’m really hoping that I start to feel better soon! But anyways, I woke up around six o’ clock this morning. It’s really nice outside because the temperature is just right and it’s too to. I love this kind of weather because it’s just right.

After I woke up, I came downstairs for a while and read some blogs that I follow and played with my dog. After a couple of hours, I started feeling a lot better and went outside for a while. I love being outside, especially at my house, because I live in the country and it’s just open fields and trees around my entire house. That’s one reason why I’m excited for fall, because of all the pretty colors and smells that come with it.

I have to go to physical therapy for my foot. Most of you don’t know, but I got in an ATV accident about a month ago and hurt my ankle. All is well now, I just have to attend therapy for a couple more weeks. Anyways, I’m hoping to be back at school tomorrow because I kind of miss it. I love school and learning new things so missing school isn’t that fun for me.

I’m going to take my dog outside and walk around. I might write later, not positive though! If not, write to you tomorrow. Bye!


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