Back At It

I’m finally writing after forever! It has been a wonderful past couple of days for me! I’m finding a lot of new friends that I never really knew I had and learning that some of my other friends were never really meant to be true friends, sad to say. But a couple nights ago, I had a party with my friends and it was a blast! We walked in the cornfield, watched the stars and talked for hours. It was really fun because we all connected as friends. I’d say my high school life is off to a great start!

Oh So Sorry!

I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in two days! I’ve been really busy with homework and after school activities. I’ll try to blog more, but for now, I’m going to be on and off a lot. Sorry, see you soon, hopefully!

Back To School…Finally

Finally back at school today and I’m glad because I have all my makeup work caught up. I woke up around five thirty and took a shower. I felt so much better this morning than the past few days. The only bad part is now my sister’s sick and she’s absent today. Hopefully soon this whole flu things flies over. So I’ve had a pretty good day at school today. I feel like I’ve been out forever because of the weekend in between my sick days. Like I said, I really dislike missing school so hopefully I don’t too much more!

I hope everyone has a great day. Don’t forget to smile and be yourself!

Monday Mornings

So I stayed home from school today because I wasn’t feeling well again. I’m really hoping that I start to feel better soon! But anyways, I woke up around six o’ clock this morning. It’s really nice outside because the temperature is just right and it’s too to. I love this kind of weather because it’s just right.

After I woke up, I came downstairs for a while and read some blogs that I follow and played with my dog. After a couple of hours, I started feeling a lot better and went outside for a while. I love being outside, especially at my house, because I live in the country and it’s just open fields and trees around my entire house. That’s one reason why I’m excited for fall, because of all the pretty colors and smells that come with it.

I have to go to physical therapy for my foot. Most of you don’t know, but I got in an ATV accident about a month ago and hurt my ankle. All is well now, I just have to attend therapy for a couple more weeks. Anyways, I’m hoping to be back at school tomorrow because I kind of miss it. I love school and learning new things so missing school isn’t that fun for me.

I’m going to take my dog outside and walk around. I might write later, not positive though! If not, write to you tomorrow. Bye!

Wonderfully Made

So tonight at youth group, a couple of my friends and I received roses from our group leaders and on the stem, there was a little tag that said “For you formed my inward parts, you covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are you works. And that my soul knows very well.”

It kind of got me thinking, everyone has a purpose and whether you find it out tomorrow or years from now, you should live your life with no fear because God is always there, even if you can’t see him. No matter what struggles you’re facing, He is there. You are wonderfully made and you shouldn’t ever forget that. I’ve got to finish some homework and then I’m heading to bed. I’d say I had a pretty good day.

Sunday Showers

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Just woke up and I’m feeling so much better than I did a couple nights ago, and I’m hoping for an awesome day. I was so excited this morning because around three, I heard it raining and I was so happy because I feel like it hasn’t rained here in forever! And we needed some. Right now, from my bedroom window, it looks nice, so all in all it’s been a good morning so far.

The reason I’m writing my blog so early is because I have to do all my homework for tomorrow and from when I missed school Friday. And later on, I have to go to youth group. I honestly love going to youth group on Sunday because it’s an awesome way to start my week, close to my friends and close to God. So I’m going to make breakfast and then start my day. Write to you later!

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius

Saturdays With Siblings

I started off today by waking up around nine o’ clock. I was up for a while last night because I was sick all day and had to leave school. I stayed in bed for about half an hour while I checked my phone and watched a little television. My favorite part about Saturday is sleeping in and not having to worry about the time. After I got out of bed, I cleaned around the house a little.

If you didn’t know, my favorite season is fall, and since it’s just around the corner, I used some of my new wax cubes. One of them is called “Spice Market” and smells like cinnamon and cider. I’m in love with it!

Around noon, I took my little brothers and sister to walk in the cornfield behind our house. We live in the country, so we love to be outside. Anyways, we were out in the field for a while, and then went to explore in the corn crib. We ended up making a little fort and caught a frog. Pretty good way to spend my day. I love being outside, especially around this time of year.

Later on, I ate some good food and made a French Vanilla cappuccino. It was delicious! I took some pictures of my little brother and stepsister. I really like photography and especially when I get to snap some pictures outside. I might upload some of the pictures of them later tonight or tomorrow.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Welcome Welcome!

  Hello! And welcome to my blog! My name is Mackenzie and I live in the United States. I have a strong passion for writing and knew that creating a blog was the right thing to do. I’ve always loved writing and I’ve read a ton of blogs, so I thought it would be neat for me to start one. On my blog, I’ll mostly write about everyday things such as what I did at school, and about things I noticed throughout my day. I will try my best to write a little every day, at least a few times a week. Thanks for visiting my page, please follow and like!